Main Functions and Responsibilities of China Appraisal Society


The main functions and responsibilities of China Appraisal Society are as follows: 

· to take charge of national management of members of CAS , give guidance to membership administration for the provincial appraisal societies.

· to set the professional standards and regulations and ethics codes for Certified Public Valuers (CPV )

· to study and resolve technical problems in practice and develop professional technical assistance.

· to take charge of  National Unified CPV Exams, registration and conduct annual inspection for CPVs.

· to set and carry out the plans of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for CPVs.

· to promote the research on valuation theories and organize the professional exchange.

· to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of CPVs.

· to carry out international cooperation and exchanges.

· to participate in researching and drafting the related laws and regulations of Valuation profession.

· to comment on the establishment of the appraisal firms and participate in the annual inspection to valuation firms.

· to comment on the establishment of the representative offices or firms in China for foreign appraisal firms.

· to undertake other tasks authorized or delegated by the department in charge.