2013 China Valuation Forum

    The 2013 China Valuation Forum was held at Beijing Conference Center on October 15th. This forum also marked the 20th anniversary of CAS. It was divided into two parts: the general assembly and the professional forum. The former was hosted by Madam Liu Ping, Secretary-General of China Appraisal Society (CAS) and was attended by more than 400 guests, including representatives from government departments, local societies, valuation firms, universities, international organizations and the media.

    Finance Minister Mr. Lou Jiwei attached special regards to the Forum by sending written speeches. Madam He Bangjing, President of CAS, Mr. Liu Yuting, Director-General of the Enterprise Department of MOF, and other government officials made keynote speeches. Representatives of international experts Ms. Marianne Tissier, Executive Director of IVSC, and Dr. Lim Lan Yuan, Chairman of WAVO also delivered speeches and expressed their congratulations at the forum.

    During this forum, the new Book Series on Valuation including Theory and Practice of China Valuation Profession, Regulations and Standards of China Valuation Profession and International Communication and Reference of China Valuation Profession, and Album of 100 Valuers were launched.

    The professional forum in the afternoon contained three sub-forums, which were industrial development, professional development and society’s development, presided by Vice Secretary Mr. Bian Ronghua, Vice Secretary Ms. Han Liying and Vice Secretary Ms. Song Yang respectively. Representatives from the government, major valuation firms and universities, etc. exchanged their views during the forums and deepened mutual understanding.

    With the guidance from the government and the support from the whole profession, the forum ended up a whole success.