Major Functions and Responsibilities

l  To formulate and implement plans for developing the profession.

l  To set and implement asset appraisal standards, rules and ethical codes.

l  To organize National Unified CPV Exams.

l  To register CPVs and members and undertake daily management.

l  To regulate the profession and exercise inspection, oversight and disciplinary punishment.

l  To study into the theory, method, policy and market of asset appraisal.

l  To carry out continuing education and talents training for asset appraisers.

l  To issue publications of the society and maintain website development and management.

l  To deliver appeals of members to government and market players and safeguard legitimate rights and interests of members.

l  To provide technical support and professional liability appraisal to members.

l  To provide member information service.

l  To promote foreign exchange and international cooperation.

l  To participate in formulating related laws, regulations, rules and standardized documents.

l  To develop profession culture and guide party building of the profession.

l  To guide local societies and lead the special committees and local branches.

l  To undertake work authorized or entrusted by laws, regulations and the national authorities.  

l  To undertake other tasks authorized to the society.