CAS-IVSC International Valuation Conference

Theme: New Development of Valuation Profession in New Era

On April 11, China Appraisal Society and International Valuation Standards Council jointly held the "New Development of Valuation Profession in New Era" international valuation conference in Shanghai National Accounting Institute. Mr. YU Weiping, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs of CPPCC National Committee and President of China Appraisal Society, Mrs. LIM Hwee Hua, Acting Chair of IVSC Board of Trustees, Mr. ZHANG Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai National Accounting Institute addressed the conference. Mr. ZHANG Genghua, Vice President and Secretary General of China Appraisal Society, Mr. Nick TALBOT, Chief Executive of IVSC, Mrs. Rena LEE, Chief Executive of Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, and Mr. Nicolas KONIALIDIS, Asia Director and Technical Director of Business Valuation Board of IVSC delivered speeches. The conference was chaired by Mr. YANG Songtang, Vice Secretary General of China Appraisal Society.

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Mr. YU Weiping said that the international valuation conference is not only a stage to show the latest research results of the valuation industry and explore new business areas of valuation, but also a bridge to explore new development opportunities in the valuation industry and deepen international exchange and cooperation, which will certainly have a positive impact on promoting the construction of the valuation profession, accelerating the development of the valuation industry, and better serving the development of global economy. CAS adheres to the professional construction as the source of the development of the industry, adheres to the improvement of the standard system as the foundation of the development of the industry, constantly updating the valuation standard with the times, and giving full play to the normative and guiding role of standards in valuation practice. CAS will continue to promote professional research in the valuation of cutting-edge fields such as digital economy and green development, and actively formulate relevant valuation standards for emerging fields such as data assets and intellectual property, so as to fill in the gaps in the field of international valuation standards and provide useful references for international colleagues. Mr. YU said that in the future, CAS will further strengthen pragmatic cooperation with the IVSC, promote exchanges and mutual learning, and constantly promote international exchanges in the valuation industry to a new level.

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Mrs. LIM Hwee Hua said, the valuation industry is at the forefront of integrating environmental sustainability at the heart of financial decision-making. Asia's dynamic economies and innovation are influencing the world's valuation industry, driving excellence and fostering collaborative progress. Mrs. LIM spoke highly of the important role played by the CAS in promoting the development of the valuation industry. She believes that as an important cooperative organization of the IVSC, CAS has provided valuable insights and professional expertise for the development of the global valuation industry, and has made critical contributions to the development of the global valuation industry.

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Mr. ZHANG Feng said that over the years, under the correct leadership of the Ministry of Finance, SNAI and CAS have carried out continuous and in-depth cooperation in the fields of talent training in the valuation industry, research on valuation standards and international exchanges, and achieved good results. It is believed that this international valuation conference will build a bridge for all parties to further deepen cooperation and continue to make new contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the valuation industry.

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Mr. ZHANG Genghua delivered a keynote speech focusing on the development and prospects of China's asset valuation industry, comprehensively summarizing that in recent years, under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, CAS has united and led China's asset valuation industry, actively served economic and social development and fiscal central work, and thoroughly implemented the Law of the People's Republic of China on Asset Appraisal. It has made gratifying achievements in strengthening member service and management, standards construction, self-regulation and personnel training. In the next step, CAS will accelerate the revision of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Asset Appraisal, improve the comprehensive evaluation system of valuation firms, improve the business environment of the industry, improve the efficiency of self-regulation, and promote the high-quality development of the valuation industry.

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Mr. Nick TALBOT delivered a keynote speech on the relevance and demand for International Valuation Standards from international stakeholders and the brief update on changes in International Valuation Standards 2025. He said the global market relies on the valuation profession in many ways, including supporting investment and merger and acquisition activities, supporting financial reporting, and determining the capital adequacy of financial institutions. Reliable valuation is critical to reducing market risk and promoting financial stability. The IVSC is committed to establishing consistent and transparent valuation standards that promote the development of the global valuation industry and safeguard the public interest. The new version of IVS includes ESG and financial instruments.

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Mrs. Rena LEE believes that intangible assets are an often-overlooked but increasingly important component of the global economy, and commercialization and valuation are key to unlocking the value of intangible assets. She said China already has a complete system of intangible assets valuation standards, and has rich practical experience in the field of intangible assets valuation, and there are a large number of successful cases in facilitating intellectual property financing. In the future, Singapore will strengthen its learning with China and work with international partners to keep pace with evolving international practices and norms, improve the quality and consistency of global intangible asset valuation reports, and helps investor better measure modern value creation.

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Mr. Nicolas KONIALIDIS believes that the application of IVS and the valuation of intangible assets are complex and require a great deal of professional judgment, knowledge and analysis. According to the specific situation, the valuer can choose from the cost method, the income method and the market method. IVSC and its Board of Trustees focus on valuation standards and maintain good relationships with financial reporting standards setters. IVSC looks forward to continuing dialogue with key stakeholders including China.

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In addition, experts and scholars from Chinese enterprises such as China Enterprise Appraisals Co., Ltd., Zhonghe Appraisal Co., Ltd., PwC, Shanghai Orient Appraisal Co., Ltd. and other valuation firms, as well as Shanghai Data Exchange and OCBC China made keynote presentations on topics such as "Digital Economy and Valuation", "Intangible Asset Valuation", "Sustainable Development and Valuation" and "Capital Market and Valuation".

Experts and scholars from Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, Capital University of Economics and Business, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Fudan University, Central University of Finance and Economics, China United Assets Appraisal Group, China Valuer International Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhonglin Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., Pan-China Appraisal Co., Ltd., CHFT Advisory and Appraisal, Brand Finance China, UOB China and OCBC China held panel discussions on "Intellectual Property: How Asia Can Better Stimulate Investment in Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets" and "Environment, Society and Governance: Opportunities and Challenges for Investors and Appraisers in ESG Practice." Experts at the meeting highly recognized China's progress in intangible assets and intellectual property investment, and called on all sectors to jointly promote intellectual property investment. Experts believe that at present, China has initially formed a healthy development pattern of coordination between the government, enterprises and capital markets in the field of ESG and proposed to give full play to the functions of quantification and value discovery of assets valuation and contribute evaluation expertise to the ESG field.

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