China Appraisal Society publishes The Chinese version of International Valuation Standards (effective January 31, 2022)

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) officially released International Valuation Standards (effective 31 January 2022) in the second half of 2021. Authorized by the IVSC, the China Appraisal Society (CAS) carried out the Chinese translation and recently completed the publication and distribution of International Valuation Standards (effective 31 January 2022) Chinese Version.

International Valuation Standards is flagship publication of the IVSC. Since its publication, it has promoted the exchange of valuation theory and practice around the world, promoted the international convergence of valuation standards, and enhanced the role of the valuation profession in the financial system.  The International Valuation Standards (effective 31 January 2022) includes 5 General Standards (IVS101 Scope of Work, IVS102 Investigation and Compliance, IVS103 Reporting, IVS104 Bases of Value, IVS105 Valuation Approaches and Methods) and 8 Asset Standards (IVS200 Businesses and Business Interests, IVS210 Intangible Assets, IVS220 Non-Financial Liabilities, IVS230 Inventory, IVS300 Plant and Equipment, IVS400 Real Property Interests, IVS410 Development Property, IVS500 Financial Instruments).

International Valuation Standards (effective 31 January 2022) closely follows the current situation of global valuation profession. Compared with International Valuation Standards 2017 translated by the CAS, it adds two asset standards, namely non-financial liabilities and inventory. The content has become more substantial, providing application guidance to valuation practices.

In order to facilitate the understanding, use and research of International Valuation Standards by domestic valuation practitioners, valuation theorists, regulatory authorities, users of valuation reports and the general public, the CAS has donated books to its members and relevant units, and some donations are carried out by local societies.

For more information about the International Valuation Standards, please visit the website of the IVSC (