XU Hongcai the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance Meets with the Representatives of New Social Stratum in the Asset Appraisal Industry

On November 8th, XU Hongcai, the member of the Leading Party Group and the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Asset Appraisal Industry of China, meets with FAN Shukui and HUANG Xiqin, members of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and representatives of new social stratum in the asset appraisal industry, and listened to relevant work reports.

FAN Shukui and HUANG Xiqin reported the implementation of the overall strategy planning in recent years respectively and put forward opinions and suggestions on the asset appraisal industry serving the economic and social development.

XU Hongcai affirmed the participation work of two representatives of new social stratum in the industry, and responded to the opinions and suggestions put forward. He pointed out that personage from new social stratum should make plans according to the current situation, follow the development trend, ride on the momentum, give full play to their identity characteristics and professional advantages, and contribute to the development of the industry, and emphasizes the need to promote the high-quality development of the asset appraisal industry.