President address

On behalf of China Appraisal Society (CAS), I would like to pay high tribute to leaders, people from all circles of society and colleagues and friends from in and abroad who have always cared about and support the development of appraisal industry in China.

Being a result of China’s market economy, the asset appraisal industry has become an important force in standardizing market operation and promoting economic development. This industry grows rapidly as the system of socialist market economy is gradually established. Asset appraisal has already expands from serving state-owned economy to serving economy of diversified ownership. It now covers every aspect of economic life, ranging from corporate reform, financial regulation, asset market, property market, jewelry market to IPR implementation, forest rights system reform, public asset management, and judicial assurance. By 2010, there are 2816 appraisal institutions, 29588 appraisers and over 80000 practitioners in this industry.

Since being established in 1993, under the guidance of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Ministry of Finance, the CAS has developed sound management system, appropriate organizational structure and improved local institutions and perfect training mechanism. With sound education system providing bachelor and master programs, capability and knowledge to serve the development of market economy and the high economic and social reputation, CAS has already become an integral part of the socialist market economic system and played an indispensable role in promoting social progress, realizing economic transformation, and enhancing social credibility.

The CAS has joined the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) and the World Association of Valuation Organization (WAVO) as the sole representative of People’s Republic of China approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China. It has established friendly ties with more than 30 national and regional appraisal organizations. As its voice and influence grows, the CAS is making contributions to developing the international appraisal profession.

The CAS will take scientific approach to development as the guidance and the transformation of economic growth pattern as its focus, continue to strengthen credibility building of the profession and strive for excellence in building the profession, the society, our service and appraisers. The CAS will continue to explore the appraisal market, expand the influence of the profession, and enhance its core competitiveness and social credibility. It will establish an excellent appraiser team with high loyalty, ethical standards and professionalism. The Chinese appraisal profession will become a highly dignified, respectable and reputable intermediary industry which can better serve the development of the socialist market economy in the new century.